2008 - 2010

1961 Corvette C1 Convertible (verkauft)


2011 - 2013

1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible (verkauft)


2014 - 2016

1928 Ford Tudor Model A  (verkauft)


2016 - heute

1957 Continenatl Mark II




  1. High quality repainting; as befits a high-class vehicle.
  2. Wheel bearing renewed
  3. Stand throttle renewed
  4. Speedometer renewed
  5. Heating valves renewed
  6. Trunk lock made common and set
  7. Trunk and engine compartment lighting serviced
  8. Seat removed and reconditioned, installation with slight tilt for comfortable seating.
  9. Steering fluid renewed, system cleaned, new filter, steering clearance set. Power steering low and high pressure lines renewed.
  10. Complete overhaul of the master cylinder and brake booster, brake line system (rubber and steel lines) completely renewed, new wheel brake cylinders and springs installed, new brake pads.
  11. Handbrake cable oiled
  12. New headlights H4 installed; Parking lights from turn signals placed on the main headlights. Hazard warning switch installed.
  13. Rear axle oil renewed; Rear axle pickled and painted
  14. Tank painted
  15. Spark plugs tested / renewed (all with the same, optimal spark plug image - fawn brown, dry.) This indicates a faultless engine and settings.
  16. Accelerator pedal connection to the linkage revised
  17. Air filter renewed
  18. Crankshaft ventilation checked and cleaned
  19. Vehicle frame cavity sealed
  20. Body areas cavity sealed
  21. Exhaust system completely renewed.
  22. Exhaust manifold sandblasted, repainted.
  23. Brake drums turned off, rusted, sandblasted and painted
  24. Rims, sandblasted and painted
  25. New tires, rims balanced
  26. Marked spots in the subfloor rusted provided with underbody protection or cavity seal
  27. Heating ducts are de-rusted and sealed
  28. Propshaft rusted and painted
  29. Transmission oil and engine oil pan rusted and painted
  30. Front bumper disassembled, refurbished, ground, nickel-plated, copper-plated and chrome-plated. Rear bumper inside rusted and sealed
  31. Gearboxes and engine guard plates and horn andblasted - painted
  32. Complete steering linkage and ball heads renewed
  33. Heating blower blasted and painted.
  34. Wire drains of the control panel for ventilation and heating removed, lubricated and installed. Air distributor in the interior expanded with new flaps provided - overhauled.
  35. Window lifter scissors joints and rails greased.
  36. Renewed fuel line to pump, cleaned fuel filter
  37. Vacuum hoses of the brake booster renewed
  38. Provide fuel ventilation system with E10-compatible hoses, provide fuel filler neck with E10-compatible rubber hose.
  39. Complete water circuit equipped with new hoses.
  40. Bonnet joints removed, joint fulcrums filled with new material, new pins turned - re-stored. revised as new - one-Aubau, painted
  41. Wheel arches provided with underbody protection
  42. New bypass tube between intake manifold and water pump
  43. Transmission oil renewed
  44. Cables for ventilation flaps, heating and air conditioning expanded, oiled made usual.
  45. V-belt for water pump, air conditioning and power steering renewed
  46. Harness tank / tail lights renew
  47. Carburetor completely disassembled and overhauled - new nozzles, needles and accelerator pump, vacuum pump. New dashpot.
  48. Valve cover polished and newly sealed
  49. Linkage between pedal and carburetor - Abrasion gneu drilled or dented - Game eliminated
  50. Heat shield renewed between carburetor and intake manifold - Teflon, milled
  51. Tank gauge - gasket renewed.
  52. New wheel suspensions, leaf springs and propshaft re-lubricated
  53. Exhaust manifold valve (heat riser) built, cleaned, sanded, new seals
  54. Gasoline / Vacuum pump overhauled, Vacuum transitions sealed
  55. New oil pressure sender and oil pump installed
  56. Starter completely overhauled; new brushes, new Bendix, measured, blasted and painted.
  57. Original Lichmaschine rebuilt to a modern age. Visually, this corresponds exactly to the original, inside modern technology is installed. This means the battery is charged during slow cruising and idle. Another original completely overhauled alternator exists as spare part ..
  58. Steering wheel dismantled, turn signal lever retractor and shift gate set correctly
  59. Piping for the air flow of the air conditioner checked for leaks.
  60. Vacuum / solenoid component for automatic speed increase when using the air conditioner overhauled.
  61. Air conditioning system overhaul: Lines polished, cleaned and provided with new seals, hose lines renewed.
  62. Air conditioner dryer sawn, provided with new cartridge, pressure-tight welded and painted.
  63. Compressor completely disassembled and rebuilt; Piston, cylinder, valves and crankshaft checked, new seals, all components polished or ground
  64. Bearing and Shaft Seal; lacquered and painted.
  65. Air-compressor clutch completely disassembled, cleaned, brushed over charcoal, rewired, new axle box, stripped and painted. External pressure test.
  66. New original windscreen wiper blades installed
  67. Replace vacuum system for windscreen wiper and antenna, wiper-wash lines renewed - all original and functional.
  68. Lock of the glove box overhauled and made fully functional.
  69. Battery charging cable laid for easy connection to chargers.
  70. Cockpit and center console dismantled; Dashboard new upholstered, center console repainted.
  71. Radio on FM / MP3 rebuilt-original keys and controls functional.
  72. Clock disassembled, new bearings installed and cleaned.
  73. Wiper control unit removed and overhauled.
  74. Defrost channels removed and re-sealed. Vent channels (soft leads renewed, hard lead re-sealed.
  75. Steering Ball Joint Bearings and, Stabilizer Bearings Renewed.
  76. Renewed front and rear bumper
  77. Cockpit newly upholstered.
  78. Bonnet renewed professionel metal and paint work.
  79. Rare and in demand: original glass, wiper technology, antenna technology, emblems, hubcaps, carburetors
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